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Jinks Responds To State Rep. Fishbein's Lawsuits

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Sep 25, 2020 12:04 pm ET

Jim Jinks, a candidate for state representative, issues statement on what he says are wasteful lawsuits filed by State Rep. Craig Fishbein.

Press release from Jim Jinks for the 90th:

Sept. 25, 2020 State Representative Craig Fishbein has been a party to multiple lawsuits against the Governor and the State of Connecticut over the past six months. All of these have been challenges to the Governor's authority and responsibility to protect Connecticut residents and families from the spread of coronavirus. Fishbein and his GOP colleagues have filed suits to end the moratorium on evictions, to eliminate the mask mandate for school kids and most recently to invalidate the extension of the Governor's emergency powers.

"Over two-hundred thousand Americans have died of COVID. We're in the middle of the deepest economic collapse in nearly a century. Parents and families spend their days just trying to navigate safely around work, school and living their lives. But my opponent and my supposed ''representative'' thinks that now is the time to grandstand, waste precious tax dollars and put us all at greater health risk,'' said Jim Jinks, the Democratic candidate for the 90th State Representative seat. "I'm feeling, like much of the public, that if Representative Fishbein is spending this much time on frivolous suits and publicity stunts that cost taxpayer's money and needlessly stretch state resources at this critical time, then he clearly isn't serving the real interests of people in the 90th District." As Jinks sees it, "He serves the interests of landlords that want to throw people out on the street in the middle of pandemic, special interests that deny the severity of the COVID health crisis, and his own narrow political interests by seeking to inject politics into every one of the Governor's public health decisions.''

''At a time like this we need to come together. We need to find ways to work together and set our sights on recovery and rebirth. My campaign is about what comes next. We need to be working on building a stronger local economy, better schools, affordable health care, lowering energy costs and improving public safety'' said Jinks.

This press release was produced by Jim Jinks for the 90th. The views expressed here are the author's own.

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