"We cannot allow racism to go unchecked. This historic moment has motivated the people of Connecticut for meaningful change. We cannot accept the racism displayed repeatedly by Craig Fishbein. Like you, I am compelled to stand up and declare that his values are not our values. Our campaign is not just one of dissent. We will look forward. We will rebuild Connecticut’s economy, invest in jobs, enact healthcare protections, and focus on issues that matter to the people of our towns. We’re going make the lives of Connecticut residents better."  –Jim Jinks
Responsiveness & Service

One of the primary responsibilities of a State Representative is to be responsive and provide service to constituents. A key difference between myself and Craig Fishbein is that I respond to emails, calls, Facebook messages and social media inquiries without regard to political affiliation, race, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ability, or social class. In short, I’ll be a representative for everyone in the 90th District.  I’ll also be holding regular ‘’action hours’’ so constituents will always know exactly when they can meet with me in person (or via Zoom/electronic platform). After four years of Fishbein and Trump, it’s time voters of the 90th District have an ally in government, rather than an ideologue who is using his position in government to benefit a narrow set of interests, and a singular audience.



Governments are tasked with protecting certain inalienable rights – including, as it says in our Declaration of Independence, our right to ‘’life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.’’ Poor health threatens (and often shortens) lives, and in the meantime negatively impacts our personal liberty. I believe healthcare is a right for all, rather than a privilege just for the wealthy. As your State Representative, I will fight to expand access, reduce the cost, and improve the value of health care plans available to Connecticut residents.



Access to early education is critical to academic success through a student’s elementary and secondary school years. Every child should have access to quality pre-k education. The 90th District has some of the best elementary schools in all of New Haven County. Over the next several years the state will struggle due to this recession and reduced tax revenues. As State Representative, I will be an advocate for education (from pre-k forward), fighting to maintain our education funding, and keeping our schools strong.


Affordable College & Career Training

Connecticut has a very diverse economy, with job and career opportunities across a wide range of industries. To keep young adults in Connecticut and grow our economy, they need access to affordable college and career training programs. We need to invest in our vocational high schools, and keep our two- and four-year state colleges affordable for all students. Our young people need to know Connecticut isn’t only their present, but also an option for their future.


Jobs and Small Business

Small businesses create the vast majority of jobs in the U.S., yet our outdated economic development policies result in a ‘winner-take-all’ approach to attracting large corporations to Connecticut. Our communities and local economies can’t survive without our hard-working and devoted small business owners. COVID has devastated small businesses across the state, particularly in Cheshire and Wallingford, where small, locally-based businesses were struggling even before the current public health crisis. As your State Representative, I will fight to make our towns more competitive in attracting new residents, creating more demand for our small business community.


Place-making, Safer Streets and Neighborhoods

Town centers and neighborhoods that foster community, have safer streets and have a strong sense of place attract new residents, support property values, grow the local tax base and fund improving schools. As your State Representative I’ll work with the Department of Economic Development (DECD) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) to develop initiatives that support and help to fund place-making, safer streets and development that’s sustainable and community-focused.


Taxes & Budget

After several years of slow economic growth for our state's economy, the pace of job and GDP growth in Connecticut had started to accelerate in 2019. We were turning the corner. But COVID and the recession have been like a wrecking ball to our state's economy. COVID-related costs are high and by some estimates the state may be losing as much as 30% of tax revenues due to the economic slow-down. My concern is that the state will once again turn to our hard working and already over-extended middle class to make ends meet. I'll fight to limit tax increases on middle class workers and families while maintaining essential services. We need a state revenue structure that is less reliant on income and regressive property taxes. The vast majority of state residents are really struggling to give their kids a better life or struggle to pay for higher education, housing and health care costs while wages basically remain flat year after year. This is unsustainable. I'll fight for greater tax fairness and a state budget that isn’t balanced on the backs of our hard hit residents and families.