Letter: Jinks the right choice

October 7, 2020

We ask everyone who resides in the 90th District to vote Jim Jinks. The current office holder is not worthy of this elected position. His comments on social media define him as a racist. He should have resigned after being censured and condemned by his peers at the state and local levels. His views do not represent those living in the district. His vote against the insulin bill and fighting against our health by representing anti-maskers sends a strong message that he doesn’t represent his constituents. His only claim to fame is his family’s name recognition.

We have an opportunity to restore integrity to the 90th District in electing Jim Jinks. Jinks will be a true advocate for the working families in the district. Jinks understands that the primary responsibilities of a state representative is to be responsive to the issues confronting our state and more importantly our district.

John and Diane Dirzius



Letter: Jinks will bring fresh, positive outlook.

October 15, 2020

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


I’ve lived in the 90th District for almost 30 years. Most of these years I’ve been pleased with the way our state representative has represented my interests, though in recent years, perhaps less so. But that’s how a democratic system works. Everyone doesn’t always have the same set of priorities and prescriptions.

In this upcoming election, I was thrilled to see the decision of Jim Jinks to run for office in my District. I strongly believe we need the kind of representation that Jim can bring.

He has demonstrated a high level of engagement in our community over and over again. He has done so through his service in public office in Cheshire, his volunteer work for his church, the schools and his founding and leadership of Bike Cheshire.

Beyond his experience, what most impresses me about Jim is his positive outlook, ability to bring people together and his rejection of divisiveness.


Steve Godfrey



Letter: Time Is Right For Jinks In 90th District

July 30, 2020

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


I write with a sense of urgency to encourage Cheshire and Wallingford citizens to support Jim Jinks, candidate for State Representative in the 90th District.  He is currently serving as Second District Town Councilor.

Jim holds an undergraduate degree in history from UConn and a master’s degree in public policy from Trinity College and is currently a VP at Mediabids, an advertising firm.

For the past 18 years, Jim has held leadership roles in private industry and he’s well known as the founder of Bike Cheshire, an award-winning nonprofit working to make Cheshire more bike-friendly — an initiative that helps small businesses, and improves property values, public health and the safety of our streets. He lives in Cheshire with his wife, Marie, and their four kids.

Jim is an incredibly dedicated, intelligent and caring gentleman.  His leadership skills will make him an asset to both Cheshire and Wallingford. His values are our values. Family, community, giving back, good jobs, staying safe and healthy, getting our kids back to school, thriving towns with a high quality of life and limiting tax increases on the middle class and hardworking families, while maintaining essential services.

It is time for a State Representative in the 90th we can be proud of.


Lisa R Anthony



Letter: Fishbein Has Wrong Approach To Guns

July 30, 2020

Editor, The Cheshire Herald: As a Cheshire resident, I am concerned and discouraged by Representative Craig Fishbein’s devotion (on his day job and in Hartford) to expanding gun rights. He wastes his time introducing gun rights bills, none of which, thankfully, go anywhere. Most importantly, as a grandparent with school-aged children, I’m troubled that he seems to be uninterested in public safety, even going so far as to introduce legislation that would limit our town’s right to regulate guns within our borders.


I need to be able to trust that my State Representative has my family’s interest in mind when he steps on the House floor. Right now, I do not feel that way. Perhaps he does not know the fear that is now present in the schools in which my daughter teaches and grandsons attend. Maybe he has not considered the effect of the presence of more guns in our state parks on those trying to enjoy them. Maybe he has considered all of this, and simply does not care.

This attitude is unacceptable to me and is unsuitable for Cheshire and Wallingford. We deserve a Representative who does not serve other masters. We deserve one who, instead, channels our legitimate concerns with his vote. This is one of the many reasons Craig Fishbein will not be getting my vote this year. Instead, I will be voting for Democrat Jim Jinks to represent the 90th District. He will represent our interests and not those of the CCDL.

Martin Cobern



Letter: Thoughtful, dedicated.

October 19, 2020

Editor: The contrast between our local candidates running this election is as stark as Biden vs Trump. Democrat and superhero Mary Mushinsky vs. Wes Ulbrich, Democrat Jim Jinks vs. Fishbein, former East Haven Mayor April Capone vs. Cicarella, and Rosa DeLauro vs. Streicker: In each race, a thoughtful, dedicated, smart candidate against a wealthy, self-interested and/or questionably qualified Republican. The choice couldn't be any clearer. I am excited for our slate.


If you'd like to get the word out, e-mail me at volunteer@wlfddems.org.

Alida Cella, Wallingford

Letter: No time for divisions.

October 15, 2020

Editor: Connecticut works best when its people and representatives are willing to work together for the good of the community. In the past, the 90th District had such representation with Mary Fritz.


Democrat Jim Jinks currently serves in Cheshire’s Republican-controlled town government. As a town councilor, he has worked with all colleagues on Bike Cheshire, Sustainable Cheshire, and currently the school reorganization committee.


In a time of civil unrest, when citizens are demanding equal justice, he seeks constructive conversation and dismisses fearmongering. He builds bridges and unites when so many seek to divide.



Stand tall with Jim Jinks for the 90th.



Catherine Moran, Wallingford

Letter: Support for Jinks.

September, 24, 2020

Editor: Many people will have heard that two Connecticut residents recently sued the Connecticut Department of Education over the school mask mandate, claiming that it places “an unconstitutional burden and restriction on the Plaintiffs’ fundamental right to an education, and is a denial of their right to equal protection of the law.”

What’s so appalling about this, beyond the fact that it’s nonsense, is that the plaintiffs are represented by Craig Fishbein, the Republican state rep for the 90th district.


Anyone who reads the paper or listens to the news knows that states with mask-wearing requirements saw their COVID-19 cases and deaths drop. The widespread use of masks is the reason why Connecticut has so few cases now. Nevertheless, Craig Fishbein was quoted as saying that there is no scientific proof that wearing a mask has any benefit (The Ridgefield Press, 8/22).

If he had his way, the entire population of Connecticut would once again be at high risk, starting with teachers, children, and their families. Going to school — already a fraught situation for many — would become downright terrifying.


Not only is Craig Fishbein dangerously ignorant, he is also failing in his duty by wasting taxpayer money.


Residents of Wallingford and Cheshire deserve better. They deserve someone who believes in science. They deserve a representative who takes their best interests to heart, spends their taxes wisely, and advocates for laws that keep them safe — not to mention alive.

Fortunately, they have another choice. Jim Jinks, the Democratic candidate running for the 90th district seat believes in science and advocates for the health of the entire community. He lives in the real world, where our choices have consequences not just for ourselves but for our community.

Tara Gorvine, Wallingford


Letter: Vote for Jinks

October 7, 2020

Vote for Jinks


Craig Fishbein tried to explain his “no” vote on the “Insulin Bill.” The final tally was 142-4. He took on a mother of a child with type one diabetes and offended another group. which includes me. The current retail price of my insulin is $412 per vial; in 2001 this was $35.

Fishbein’s position is laughable, not laudable.  

Jim Jinks provides a strong alternative. He will be a voice for his constituents, not a punchline. I am confident he would not waste time retweeting a racist meme, unlike Fishbein.


On November 3rd “stand up, stand tall,” and vote for Jim Jinks! 

Jonathan R. Chappell, Wallingford


Letter: Local Voter Disappointed In Fishbein Vote On Insulin Caps

September 10, 2020

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


I’m endorsing Jim Jinks for the 90th District.

Rep. Craig Fishbein does not represent me or my family. In the recent house vote, Fishbein was only one of four legislators who voted no against the bill supporting price caps for insulin and diabetes supplies.

As the mother of a son with Type 1 diabetes, I can personally attest that caring for diabetes costs thousands of dollars a year. Insulin pumps must be replaced every four years at a cost of at least $6,000 and that does not include the ongoing cost of blood sugar testing supplies, insulin, pump supplies and lifesaving glucagon. Drug companies have increased the price of insulin exponentially over the past few years, even though the drug itself is decades old.

I do not understand how Mr. Fishbein could vote against such a bill without consulting his constituents.

I also want to thank Representative Liz Linehan for her cosponsoring this bill.

I will be voting for Jim Jinks in November since he understands the importance of speaking with his constituents and understanding our needs.


Nicole Miller



Letter: Elect Jim Jinks

October 22, 2020

Editor:  Four years of “service” is a fair measure of a representative. The voting record speaks whether a candidate deserves another term.

Consider the 90th’s Representative Fishbein: Voted against capping cost of life-saving insulin. Voted against additional protections for victims of domestic violence. Voted against Ethan’s Law for additional gun storage safety. Voted against banning conversion “therapy”.

As an attorney, he is in court seeking to end mandatory mask wearing in public schools during a pandemic. Has sued the state of Connecticut to weaken the governor’s ability to protect health.

This is a record unworthy of the 90th. Elect Jim Jinks.

Jacqueline McFarlane, Wallingford